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  • Members have been visiting THIDORA Children's home in Rajagiriya, and on the 6th of March 2017 few of our members donated some play items behalf of the club. Rtn. Smapath, Rtn. Harold and PE Imali are in present.  

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  • Donation of Library books to Darmapala Maha Vidiyala. President Anusha with Librarian 

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    Donated 100 excercise books for those needy children at Dilina Taru Pre School in Ratnapura. President Anusha and the Teacher in charge Mrs. Sarojini in picture.

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    Library text book donation to needy schools in Mannar, with SLT sponsorship. President Anusha, PP. Indrani, PP Sampath and CP Ashad participated in this project. 

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  • Donation of Clothing by Ms. Ashely and family from United Kingdom for the earth slip victims in Aranayake. CP Ashad and PP Harold received the packages and make arrangement to reach the victims. 

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  • As a club decision we have decided to contribute towards the TRF for the year 2016-17 

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    Dray rations and evening snack is been given to Shilpa homes in Narahenpitiya - President Anusha in picture

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  • It's Literacy Month. Share this graphic to help raise awareness that Rotarians work on basic education and literacy projects. Help support literacy projects through The Rotary Foundation at www.rotary.org/contribute

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  • Rotarians around the world celebrated Rotary's 108th anniversary, 23 February, with a variety of events ranging

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  • Let your social media friends know about the work of Rotary by telling them what Rotary means to you or sharing a graphic. You can learn more how you can support our polio eradication work at www.endpolionow.org.

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  • Harris died 27 January 1947 after a prolonged illness. He preferred contributions to The Rotary Foundation upon

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    Rotary e-clubs are a lot like other Rotary clubs: they meet weekly, carry out service projects, support The Rotary Foundation, and socialize with each other. So what’s different about e-clubs? You join your meeting online when it’s convenient for you, day or night, any day of the week.

    How does an e-club operate?

    E-club members use webinars, videoconferencing, message boards, instant messaging, or tools like Skype and Google Hangout to communicate. For example, a club member might post content online for that week’s meeting, then other members join the discussion throughout the week. Some e-club members also meet in person at service projects, social activities or the RI Convention.

    Any Rotarian can make up a missed meeting by participating in an e-club online meeting. .

    Who can join an e-club?

    Members can be from anywhere in the world. Some e-clubs focus their membership in a particular region or community.

    An e-club could be right for you if you:

    • Have a busy schedule and need a flexible meeting time
    • Live in different places throughout the year
    • Travel frequently
    • Have limited mobility
    • Live in an area without a nearby Rotary club

    How do I start an e-club?

    First contact your district governor who will help you get started.

    E-clubs need:

    • A dedicated website
    • Founding members who are able to manage the club’s website
    • An online meeting platform to host meetings
    • Private sections of the website that only members can access to protect members’ online personal data
    • Online financial transaction systems that allow members to pay dues, make donations, or process payments
    • The ability for visiting Rotarians to make up a club meeting

    E-clubs are responsible for all costs associated with purchasing a URL and hosting their website on the Internet.

    Resources & reference


    Rotary support


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    The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.

    During the past 100 years, the Foundation has spent $3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.

    With your help, we can make lives better in your community and around the world.

    Why should I donate to The Rotary Foundation?

    Your donation makes a difference to those who need our help most. More than 90 percent of donations go directly to supporting our service projects around the world.

    How does The Rotary Foundation use donations?

    Our 35,000 clubs carry out sustainable service projects that support our six causes. With donations like yours, we’ve wiped out 99.9 percent of all polio cases. Your donation also trains future peacemakers, supports clean water, and strengthens local economies.

    What impact can one donation have?

    It can save a life. A child can be protected from polio with as little as 60 cents. Our partners make your donation go even further. For every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $2.

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What would it take to change the world?

Rotary's 1.2 million members believe it starts with a commitment to Service Above Self.

In more than 34,000 clubs worldwide, you'll find members volunteering in communities at home and abroad to support education and job training, provide clean water, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, and eradicate polio. Explore this site to learn more about Rotary and how you can join your local Rotary club

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